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GSA Pricing Fraud

The General Services Administration (GSA) operates the GSA Schedules program, also referred to as the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program or Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) program. Under this program, GSA enters long-term contracts with vendors to supply federal government agencies with goods and services. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and GSA Acquisition Regulation set forth the requirements that suppliers must follow in order to participate in the program, including a requirement that contractors provide the federal government with the best price for goods and services that are also sold to private customers. False certification of compliance with these requirements may give rise to False Claims Act liability.

There are many schemes government contractors use to evade best-pricing requirements, including using subsidiaries to offer cheaper prices to private customers for identical products and giving private customers rebates in the form of extra goods or cash. Murphy Anderson has substantial experience identifying these and other schemes to circumvent best-pricing requirements and working with whistleblowers to report those schemes to the government.

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