Murphy Anderson was founded on Labor Day 2008 with the goal of providing excellent and affordable legal representation for workers, labor unions, employee-benefit funds, non-profit entities, and whistleblowers.

Murphy Anderson’s success as a trusted legal resource is rooted in the following values:

  • Professional excellence. We strive to give our clients the best legal representation, by lawyers who are exceptional at their craft and practice with integrity.
  • Extreme responsiveness. We live in a just-in-time world and understand that our clients often cannot wait for answers. We try to respond promptly to all inquiries and requests.
  • Creativity. Creative thinking can successfully solve many issues. In dynamic and changing times, it is imperative to examine all issues, new and old, through a thoughtful and creative lens.
  • Clear communications. We aim to be direct, open, and to-the-point in our communications with our clients, other lawyers, arbitrators, agencies, and courts.
  • Collaboration. Working collaboratively with each other and our clients brings in more and better ideas and yields improved results.
  • Collegiality and respect. We show respect to all with whom we deal. Internally, we enjoy each other’s company and try to eat lunch together every day.
  • Prudence and economy. Above all else, our goal is to provide legal services efficiently and economically by keeping our costs low and our talent high.