Murphy Anderson Files Class Action Wage Theft Lawsuit on Behalf of DC Low-wage Abatement Workers

October 26, 2012

Murphy Anderson sued staffing agency WMS Solutions, its owner and chief operating officer, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, on behalf of an estimated class of 200-500 current and former workers who abate asbestos, lead and mold in commercial and government buildings in the DC-area. The lawsuit alleges that WMS failed to pay abatement workers for all time worked, took unlawful deductions out of their paychecks for training, personal equipment and medical examination cost WMS was required by law to pay, and made them pay out-of-pocket for these job-related expenses. A copy of the Complaint can be found here.

Murphy Anderson attorneys Joni S. Jacobs, Mark Hanna and Renee Gerni are co-counseling with the Public Justice Center of Baltimore. A press conference announcing the lawsuit was held on October 24, 2012.